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TREDS 12" Super Tough Rubber Over-Boots
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TREDS 12" Super Tough Rubber Over-Boots #12227

As Low As $51.95

TREDS Super Tough & Stretchy Overboots

  • The most puncture and tear resistant boots in the world!
  • TREDS last 6 to 8 times longer than most imports and synthetic rubber or PVC overboots
  • TREDS unique latex natural rubber formula has superior tensile and tear strength
  • No right - no left - no hassle! Unilast design eliminates "rights" and "lefts"
  • The world's toughest jobs deserve the world's strongest boots: TREDS
  • TREDS fit best over leather work boots and shoes that have a heel, but can be worn with sneakers
  • Made in the USA

  • TREDS Tip: For easiest on and off, use the plastic grocery bag, provided with your pair, over your work boot before putting on TREDS. They will slip on much more easily.

Please Note: these are heavy duty overshoe boots and they require good finger strength to pull over shoes. They can be difficult, or not possible for you to put on if you have weak or arthritic fingers.

Men's Sizes: M - XXL

For best fit use sizing guide below
M - Men's 7.5 - 9.5 (Heel to Toe 10.75" - 11.5")
L - Men's 10 - 11.5 (Heel to Toe 11.5" - 12.5")
L/XL - Men's 12 - 13.5 (Heel to Toe 12.5" - 13.25")
XL - Men's 14 - 16 (Heel to Toe 13.25" - 14")
2XL - Men's 17 - 19 (Heel to Toe 14" - 15")

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