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Disposable Coveralls & Clothing

Disposable Coveralls & Clothing

Galeton offers an extensive collection of disposable coveralls and other disposable clothing that come in a variety of materials and styles. Galeton's Safe N' Clean™ line offers polypropylene, SMS and polyethylene coated coveralls at fantastic prices. We also carry Nexgen, Tyvek, iFlex, ProShield products and a variety of Shoe Covers and Bouffant Covers.

Safe N' Clean™ Economy Disposable Coveralls

Safe-N'-Clean™ Professional coveralls are great for sandblasting, spray painting, and other non-hazardous messy jobs. They keep out grime and dust to keep your regular clothes clean. The strong and lightweight material breathes, making you comfortable all day long. You won't find more economical single-use work clothing than Safe 'N Clean Professional!

Safe N' Clean™ Professional Triple Layer Disposable Coveralls

Sewn from triple-layer, SMS material, Safe N' Clean™ Professional Coveralls let air in, but not harmful particles 3 microns or larger. Use for handling fiberglass or asbestos; also for protection from the spraying of pestidcides and paint.

Safe N' Clean™ Splashguard Breathable Waterproof Coveralls

Breathable, waterproof coveralls. Sewn from spunbonded polypropylene coated with a microporous polyethelene film, these coveralls breathe to keep you cool, but keep liquids such as water and common chemicals and from getting on your skin. A great choice for paint and pesticide spraying, working with fiberglass or jobs involving liquid splashes.

Safe N' Clean™ Shoe and Boot Covers

Sewn from the same material as our SplashGuard Coveralls. These boot covers keep your shoes liquid-free. A great choice for paint and pesticide spraying, working w/fiberglass or jobs involving liquid splashes.

Safe N' Clean™ Shoe Covers

These breathable shoe covers will keep you from tracking mud, grease or grime where you walk, and also from slipping--the bottoms have stripes of skid-resistant coating. You'll also benefit from our wholesale prices. Buy these Safe N' Clean™ Professional shoe covers directly from Galeton and save!

Boot Covers

These high-top boot covers fit over work boots and keep dirt and grime off floors--or off your boots! Made from breathable polypropylene. Skid-proof pattern prevents slips.

Painters Hood

Pull this knitted "sock" style hood over your head to keep paint and other particles out of your hair. Wear a respirator over the hood for breathing protection. Packed 12 hoods per bag.

DuPont™ Tyvek® 400 Coveralls & Protective  Apparel

Tyvek coveralls with static free zipper by Dupont are disposable chemical protective clothing that protects against dust and splashes. The open sleeves slip on easily and the open legs allow coveralls to be put on over footwear (no restriction at wrist or collar either).

DuPont™ ProShield® 60 Coveralls & Protective Apparel

Protection against non-hazardous particles, light liquid splash in many industrial applications. Good for automotive refinishing, waste cleanup and more.

DuPont™ Tychem® 2000 Coveralls

Protects against hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid. Used in petroleum refineries, pulp and paper mills, food and chemical processing.

A40 Kimberly Clark Disposable Coverall

Kimberly Clark KLEENGUARD® A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Coveralls are ideal for helping to keep workers protected and clean in many industries including maintenance, fiberglass work, utilities, tank cleaning and liquid handling plus, they are lower in lint than Tyvek®.

Cellucap® 35802O Polypropylene, 1.5 oz. Safety Alert Orange Disposable Coveralls, 25/Case

Hi viz polypropylene offers lightweight protection from non-hazardous particulates. Ideal for prisons or work areas where high visibility is needed.

Cellucap® 641 Disposable Safety Alert Orange Polypropylene Disposable Vest, 10 per Package

Lightweight disposable vests increase daytime visibility! Elastic side straps and hook & loop front close. Ideal for volunteer staffs, landscaping crews.

Cellucap® BP4ROR Orange Disposable Beard Covers, 100 per Package

These polypropylene beard covers are used to restrain hair for all types of applications from food services, assembly work to janitorial settings.

A60 Kimberly Clark Bloodborne Pathogen & Chemical Splash Protection Disposable Coverall

The patented three-layer fabric construction of KLEENGUARD® A60 Bloodborne Pathogen & Chemical Splash Protection Coveralls feature a middle layer of microporous film that allows heat and sweat vapor to escape, yet protects against many dry particulates and liquids, even under pressure. This disposable coverall is ideal for tank cleaning, crime scene cleanup, fiberglass manufacturing, emergency medical response and more.

A65 Kimberly Clark Flame Resistant Disposable Coverall

KLEENGUARD® A65 Flame Resistant Coveralls are are great for welding, oil refining, utilities and grinding work. This soft, yet strong, lightweight garment is made of a special spunlace nonwoven fabric treated with a flame-resistant finish. The comfortable, breathable fabric is durable and resists tearing.

DuPont™ ProShield® 6 SFR Secondary Flame Protection Disposable Coveralls

Cost-efficient overgarment that helps protect and preserve primary flame resistant garments. Provides barrier against non-hazardous particles & aerosols.

Bouffant Cap

For "clean" environments, use bouffant caps to keep hair out of your face and away from sensitive products, including food, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Vinyl Boot Covers

Pull these waterproof vinyl covers over your shoes or boots to contain moisture and dirt. Elastic tops hold covers up. 3 mils thick.

3M 4510 Disposable Coveralls, Elastic Waist, Ankles, Wrists and Hood

Helps provide barrier protection against light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts. High quality microporous laminated material. Anti-static coating.

4520 Anti-Static Disposable Coveralls, Elastic Waist, Ankles and Knit Wrist Cuffs

Helps protect against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts. Meets government standards for Type 6 Splashes, Type 5 Dust, and Anti-Static.

Black Mamba Trax Black Disposable Shoe Covers

Ideal for professional contractors and mechanics, disposable shoe covers minimize the tracking of dirt or debris into a customer’s home, office or auto.

DuPont™ Tychem® 4000 Coveralls

Protection against a range of chemical environments. Uses include chemical mixing, hazardous remediation, emergency medical response and paint spraying.

Tingley® Boot Saver® Latex Low Shoe Covers,100 pair/case

Color-coded contamination prevention. Easily stretch over footwear for 100% liquid proof protection. Textured outsole grips both wet and dry surfaces.

DuPont™ Tyvek® 400 D Disposable Protective Apparel

"Based on extensive wearer input to provide the most comfortable garment. Applications include fiberglass manufacturing, remediation work and maintenance."

DuPont™ ProShield® 10 Coveralls

Comfortable and breathable SMS garments made to high quality standards. Protection for nonhazardous dry particle and light liquid splash applications.

DuPont™ ProShield® 50 Disposable Protective Apparel

Protection against non-hazardous particles, light liquid splash and aerosols in many industrial applications. Laminated spunbound polypropylene.

DuPont™ Tychem® 2000 SFR Coverall

Chemical and secondary flame protection in a lightweight garment. Also effective against many inorganic acids & bases, cleaning chemicals and particles.

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