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Cooling Products

Cooling Products

Galeton offers a selection of Cooling Products designed to keep your head comfortable under your hard hat or in the hot weather while you work. We have an assortment of products such as sweatbands and bandanas specifically designed to draw heat and sweat away from your head and brow.

Radians Arctic Skull™ Cooling Towel

Keeps you cool during hot outdoor work and activities. Just soak the towel in cool water for 2 – 3 minutes to get cooling relief for up to 5 hours.

Mira Cool Headband

Whether you're indoors or out, heat can slow you down — even make you sick. Now MiraCool® crystals can keep you cooler, more alert and productive all day long. Soak reusable bandannas and headbands in water for 10-20 minutes and they stay hydrated for days. Put them on and the power of evaporation works without ice to cool you down. Reusable. Choose from five good-looking designs.

Snap-on Sweatband

Plush, soft 100% cotton sweat band snaps easily into your hard hat to absorb perspiration and keep it off your face.

Mira-Cool Hard Hat Insert

Now you can get MiraCool® crystals' cooling power right inside your hard hat. Soak the special insert for 10-20 minutes in water, stick it in your hard hat, and evaporation will keep you cooler all day. Only you know it's there, but what a difference it makes.

Tuff Nougies Tie-On Skull Cap with Elastic Rear Band

Be yourself! Whether you're on your hog or working hard at the job site, this Deluxe Tie Hat with its elastic rear band fits great, keeps the sun off your head and comes in five cool designs. Sweat-absorbing 100% cotton fabric protects your head from irritating hard hats and other head protecting gear. Also keeps hair out of machinery and dirt and debris out of your hair! Additional foam backing in front adds comfort and even more sweat-absorbing action. Adjustable; one size fits all.

GSS Hard Hat Sun Shade with PVA Cooling Material

Keeps sun off the back of your neck while the special cooling material on the underside keeps your neck more comfortable in hot weather.

Occunomix Tuff & Dry Wicking & Cooling Skull Cap

Comfortable, soft, lightweight cap helps reduce effects of heat stress. Lowers temp. up to 30% lower than skin temp. when wet. UPF 45+ Sun Protection.

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