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Basic String Knit
Basic String Knit

Basic String Knit

String Knit gloves are the perfect solution when you need your hands to be protected but don't want them to overheat. Galeton offers a wide variety of string knit gloves including lightweight and heavyweight cotton, Kevlar stitched and Fingerless styles.

Cotton Blend String Knit

Keep hands comfortable and working! Galeton seamless string knit gloves provide warmth and reduce abrasion. Popular as a glove liner beneath waterproof gloves and work gloves. Economical and versatile! For enhanced grip, try string knit gloves with plastic dots or rubber coating.

Heavyweight String Knit

Gray String Knit Gloves, Men's Cotton Blend

Charcoal gray color hides dirt. Seamless knit for comfortable fit. Economical hand protection and warmth. Popular as a liner inside other gloves.

Black String Knit

The same as our standard string knit gloves, but with black yarn to retain more heat and hide stains. These gloves also work well as a glove liner.

Fingerless String Knit

Our fingerless string knit utility gloves are comfortable and functional. Keep your hands warm and still have use of your fingers when handling small items.

Lightweight String Knit

Specially constructed without side seams our string knit work gloves are incredibly comfortable. Used alone, they cut down on minor scapes & cuts. Used as a glove liner they add warmth and a 2nd layer of protection.

Polyester String Knit

Reduce lint with these 100% polyester gloves. Bleached white and knit from pure polyester yarn, these gloves are preferred for use in food service or other sanitary applications.

Thermastat Gloves

Knit from Dupont's Thermastat yarn, these seamless gloves wick moisture from your hands and dry 50% faster than cotton gloves. The hollow core fiber of the yarn traps air to insulate your hands. Used as a glove liner with work gloves they add additional protection from the cold.

Beer Bottle String Knit Gloves

They are really made from recycled beer bottles! Soft and comfortable to wear. More durable and last longer than cotton/poly gloves. 7 gauge string knit.

TurtleSkin® CP Neon Insider CPB-330 Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

Flexible, lightweight knit gloves slide into other gloves for cut & puncture protection. ANSI A5 cut resist. Needlestick resistance ratings on web page.

TurtleSkin® CP Neon Insider CPB-530 Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

Flexible and lightweight knit gloves easily slide into other gloves for cut & puncture protection. ANSI Cut A8 and Large Nail Puncture Level > 40lbf.

TurtleSkin® CP Neon Wrap CPR-430 Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

Helps reduce risk of exposure to discarded, contaminated needles. Tough nitrile barrier to liquid on palm. ANSI Cut A7, Large Nail Puncture Level > 20 lbf.

Thermal Lycra Seamless Knit Glove / Liner

Lightweight, comfortable and moisture wicking thermal polyester/Lycra helps keep hands warm in cold weather. Can be used as glove or liner.

Bob Dale® 80-9-6200 Thermal Insulation Lined Acrylic Flip-Mitt Glove

Thermal insulation lined, acrylic fleece flip mittens turn into fingerless gloves when you need to use your fingers for dexterity or with touchscreens.

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