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Welding gloves are designed to keep hands comfortable and protected when in contact with extremely hot surfaces, particularly for welders.  Galeton's selection of Welding gloves includes gloves that are stitched with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers and with various cuff styles to protect the wrist from sparks and heat.

Lined Red Raider® Premium Leather Welders Gloves

Premium welding gloves help you handle greater heat. Our leather welding gloves are fully lined, sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber and will outlast regular styles. Red Raider has the thickest lining and the most heat protection.

Lined Blue Thunder Premium Leather Welders Gloves

Premium welding gloves help you handle greater heat. Our leather welding gloves are fully lined, sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber and will outlast regular styles. Blue Thunder is a medium weight welding glove.

Lined Silver Knight Premium Leather Welders Gloves

Premium welding gloves help you handle greater heat. Our leather welding gloves are fully lined, sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber and will outlast regular styles. Silver Knight is more flexible than other styles.

Panther™ Welding Gloves

Panther™ premium leather Welding Gloves have thick lining, are sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers and have a 5" cuff to give you excellent heat protection. The seams are welted to prevent tearing and the thumb joint has two layers of leather.

MIG-Dog™ Premium Welding Gloves

Galeton's Ultra-premium welders are loaded with top notch features. Durable grain leather/heavy duty split leather combo with back of hand foam padding.

Lined Heavy Shoulder Leather Welders Gloves

Made with tough shoulder leather these gloves offer basic welding protection. You get heat and abrasion protection at an economical price. Fully lined and welted for comfort and strength.

Rough Rider® Grain Leather Palm Gloves with Full Leather Back

Choose Rough Rider® for a top grain leather welding glove! Supple top grain leather gives best touch and grip and tools. Hands won't fatigue. Work longer and more accurately. Now sewn with side split leather cuff! Won't burn or smolder when hit by sparks or cinders.

Bravo Tig Welders Gloves

Maintain control with these unlined pigskin Tig Welding protective gloves! Seamless index finger gives you better control of your tools and the reinforced thumb strap extends wear. Four inch long cuffs guard wrists from sparks and heat. Sized for a more exact fit.

Aluminized Back, Wool Lined Welding Gloves

Aluminized back to reflect heat and splatter. Top-grade split leather, wool lining. Optional, aluminized snap-on pad for additional heat protection.

Steiner Mega MIG™ Welding Gloves

Premium heavyweight goatskin palm and split cowhide back. Palm reinforcements for added protection. Soft cotton fleece lining. Seamless index finger.

Steiner MEGA-TIG™ Welding Gloves

Premium kidskin with split leather cuff. Foam insulated back, unlined palm. Sensi-TIG™ seamless index finger & leather rest patch at pinky side of hand.

Steiner® 0261 IronFlex® Premium Kidskin, Flame Retardant Cotton Back, TIG Welding Gloves

Ergonomic design with durable premium kidskin leather palm with breathable stretch flame resistant cotton back. Hugs your hands for a superb fit and feel.

Steiner® 0232 Premium Heavyweight Grain Goatskin/Split Cowhide Back MIG Welding Gloves

Snug fit MIG welding gloves offer dexterity for trigger & gun operation. Premium heavyweight goatskin palm for dexterity with durable split cowhide back.

Steiner® 0216 MegaMIG™ Premium Grain & Split Cowhide,  Reinforced Palm MIG Welding Gloves

Unique multi-leather gloves designed for comfort, dexterity, and protection. Durable reverse goatskin reinforced palm and thumb for added protection.

Steiner Y-Series Cowhide Welding Gloves

Select shoulder split cowhide with foam insulated back for heat protection and comfortable full cotton lining. Reinforced thumb strap and fully welted.

Steiner 2209 Economy Welding Gloves

Shoulder split cow hide with full soft cotton lining and fully welted. A nice welding glove at an even nicer price. Ideal for outfitting your crew.

Cestus® WeldTech™ TX Impact Protection Welding Gloves

Flexible welding gloves with palm gel to decrease vibration from power tools plus TPR over knuckles & fingers for impact- & heat-resistance to 400°F.

Cestus® WeldTech™ 1600c Flame Resistant Welding Gloves

Cut-, flame- and heat resistant Lastamid® back of hand material. High quality goat skin double palm for added comfort and durability.

Black Stallion® T50® TIGster Premium Kidskin Welding Gloves

Soft kidskin and cotton for snug-fitting superb dexterity and feel. Seamless index finger adds dexterity. DragPatch® extends the life of glove.

Black Stallion® GX5015 ARC-Rated Goatskin & FR Cotton Mechanics Glove

Multi-purpose leather Flame-resistant (FR) glove for welding, industrial & machine operation. Premium goatskin palm. FR cotton back & fleece lining.

Black Stallion® AT2010 FlakFinger™ Adjustable Welding Heat Shield

TIG welders will love the protection of this heat-shielding finger sleeve. More comfort while moving the puddle along! Also fits MIG & Stick gloves.

Black Stallion® BSX® Stick/MIG Welding Gloves

Premium grain pigskin palm with split leather reinforcements and side split cowhide. DragPatch® side reinforcement grain leather patch and lined back.

Black Stallion® GS1715 Impact Resist Welding Gloves

Premium welding gloves with protective leather guards and an FR liner on the backside for superior metacarpal defense and insulation from heat.

Black Stallion® GS1321 Extra Long Stick Welding Gloves

Extra-long, well-padded insulated cuff gives phenomenal forearm comfort during sustained periods of welding plus added protection against heat.

Black Stallion BM88 BSX® MIG Welding Gloves

Resilient soft grain pigskin palm & durable split cowhide back. Padded palm for gun-holding comfort. DragPatch® and RestPatch® side comfort features.

Bob Dale 60-1-5200 Gander X-Treme Goatskin Fabricator Gloves, Slip On Cuff

Premium grade, comfortable & durable goatskin. FR cotton lined for added heat protection, reinforced backhand patches & ribbed knuckles for flexibility.

Bob Dale 60-1-4200 Gander X-Treme Men's Goatskin Welding Gloves, Gauntlet Cuff

Premium, flexible yet durable, goatskin with unlined palm. Reinforcements at high wear areas plus padded pinky-side wrist guard for added heat protection

Steiner 0235 Pro-Series™ MegaMIG™ Heavyweight Goatskin & Cowhide MIG Welding Gloves

Premium heavyweight black grain goatskin palm, knuckle strap, thumb saddle & fingertips with split cowhide back & cuff. Finger knuckle foam protectors.

Steiner® 0262 Pro-Series™ IronFlex® TIG Premium Kidskin TIG Welding Gloves

Soft and durable premium grain kidskin leather palm with stretchable poly lining and reverse grain kidskin back hug your hand for a superb fit and feel.

Steiner® 0260 - Pro-Series™ IronFlex® TIG Premium Kidskin, Nomex® Back TIG Welding Gloves

Soft and durable premium grain kidskin leather palm with stretchable poly lined and flame resistant Nomex® back hugs your hand for a superb fit and feel.

Black Stallion® GM1510-WT Premium Touch MIG Gloves

Ultra-soft goatskin MIG welding glove with extreme dexterity. Lined cowhide back offers heat protection and durability. Seamless index finger.

Black Stallion® 730 Maximus™ Premium Grain/Split Cowhide, Wool Lined Stick Welding Glove

Comfortable advanced design. Grain pigskin palm for superior dexterity & split cowhide back. Insulating wool extends all the way up back of the cuff.

Black Stallion® 97SW Grain/Split Cowhide Driver's Gloves

Durable grain cowhide palm & value-conscious split cowhide back. Reinforced palm and heat & cut resistant stitching make these ideal for spot welding.

Endura® Deluxe Cut & Puncture Resistant Welding Gloves

Durable cowhide welding gloves with extra layer of leather in palm and thumb offer abrasion and heat resistance plus puncture and A5 cut resistance.

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