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GLOVES > Gloves in 1 and 3 pair packs > Specialty Gloves 1 & 3 Pair Packs

Specialty Gloves 1 & 3 Pair Packs
Specialty Gloves 1 & 3 Pair Packs

Specialty Gloves 1 & 3 Pair Packs

With such a wide variety of Specialty Gloves, Galeton offers a glove for nearly every possible application. Find the best glove for your job in our specialty gloves section which includes our insulated, anti-vibration, chemical resistant, welding, cut resistant, and inspection gloves. Now in 1 and 3 Pair Packs!

Leather Palm Work Gloves, Pile Lining

These heavy-duty cold weather work gloves with durable side-split leather palms has thick pile lining to trap air and insulate hands from the cold.

Hulk Gloves

Sponge-like padding on the fingers and palms help protect hands from vibration. Good for protection from repetitive impact & work with vibrating tools.

MIG-Dog™ Premium Welding Gloves

Galeton's Ultra-premium welders are loaded with top notch features. Durable grain leather/heavy duty split leather combo with back of hand foam padding.

Panther™ Welding Gloves

Panther™ premium leather Welding Gloves have thick lining, are sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers and have a 5" cuff to give you excellent heat protection. The seams are welted to prevent tearing and the thumb joint has two layers of leather.

Lined Silver Knight Premium Leather Welders Gloves

Premium welding gloves help you handle greater heat. Our leather welding gloves are fully lined, sewn with cut resistant aramid thread and will outlast regular styles. Silver Knight is more flexible than other styles.

Bravo Tig Welders Gloves

Maintain control with these unlined pigskin Tig Welding protective gloves! Seamless index finger gives you better control of your tools and the reinforced thumb strap extends wear. Four inch long cuffs guard wrists from sparks and heat. Sized for a more exact fit.

Lined Blue Thunder Premium Leather Welders Gloves

Premium welding gloves help you handle greater heat. Our leather welding gloves are fully lined, sewn with cut resistant aramid thread and will outlast regular styles. Blue Thunder is a medium weight welding glove.

Lined Red Raider® Premium Leather Welders Gloves

Premium welding gloves help you handle greater heat. Our leather welding gloves are fully lined, sewn with cut resistant aramid thread and will outlast regular styles. Red Raider has the thickest lining and the most heat protection.

Black Stallion® T50® TIGster Premium Kidskin Welding Gloves

Soft kidskin and cotton for snug-fitting superb dexterity and feel. Seamless index finger adds dexterity. DragPatch® extends the life of glove.

Black Stallion® BSX® Stick/MIG Welding Gloves

Premium grain pigskin palm with split leather reinforcements and side split cowhide. DragPatch® side reinforcement grain leather patch and lined back.

Black Stallion BM88 BSX® MIG Welding Gloves

Resilient soft grain pigskin palm & durable split cowhide back. Padded palm for gun-holding comfort. DragPatch® and RestPatch® side comfort features.

Black Stallion® GS1715 Impact Resist Welding Gloves

Premium welding gloves with protective leather guards and an FR liner on the backside for superior metacarpal defense and insulation from heat.

Black Stallion® GS1321 Extra Long Stick Welding Gloves

Extra-long, well-padded insulated cuff gives phenomenal forearm comfort during sustained periods of welding plus added protection against heat.

Bob Dale 60-1-4200 Gander X-Treme Men's Goatskin Welding Gloves, Gauntlet Cuff

Premium, flexible yet durable, goatskin with unlined palm. Reinforcements at high wear areas plus padded pinky-side wrist guard for added heat protection

Bob Dale BDG® 80-9-6600G Thermal Insulation Lined Ski Glove, Diamond Grip Palm

This handsome waterproof glove features 150 grams of thermal insulation for warmth and anti-slip polyurethane diamond pattern on palm for grip.

Bob Dale® Les Stroud™ 14-9-3110 Performance Fit Gloves with Thermal insulation Lining

Thermal insulation lined 100g for added warmth. Goatskin water repellent palm provides toughness. Durable and innovative shell material is wind resistant.

Bob Dale® 80-9-1010 Thermal Insulation Lined Men's Commuter Glove

Lightweight soft shell for wind and water repellency. TR2 & 40g of soft thermal insulation lining for added warmth and comfort. PU palm for excellent grip.

Bob Dale® 80-9-6200 Thermal Insulation Lined Acrylic Flip-Mitt Glove

Thermal insulation lined, acrylic fleece flip mittens turn into fingerless gloves when you need to use your fingers for dexterity or with touchscreens.

Cestus® WeldTech™ 1600c Flame Resistant Welding Gloves

Cut-, flame- and heat resistant Lastamid® back of hand material. High quality goat skin double palm for added comfort and durability.

North® by Honeywell SSG SilverShield Chemical Protection Gloves, 14 Inches Long

Lightweight and flexible, SilverShield gloves are resistant to over 280 different chemicals including alchohols, aromatice, chlorines, ketones and esters.

HexArmor® 9014 SharpsMaster II® Knit/Coated Cut- & Needlestick Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Highest Needlestick and cut resistance (A9) available while offering incredible dexterity and comfort. Wrinkle rubber palm coating for excellent grip.

HexArmor® 3092 ThornArmor Cut- & Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Finally! A good solution for handling plants with hazardous thorns and needles. Dexterous protection with ANSI cut level A9 and needlestick level 5.

HexArmor® 9000 Series™ 9011 Knit, Cut- & Puncture-Resistant, Latex Palm Coated Gloves

SuperFabric® brand material for ANSI/ISEA level A7 cut resistance. ANSI puncture level 5 for protection from wires, metal, & glass. Rubber palm for grip.

HexArmor® 9000 Series™ 9010 Nitrile Palm Coated Cut- & Puncture-Resistant Gloves

SuperFabric® level A8 cut resistance with top-level flexibility and comfort. Abrasion resistant nitrile palm offers grip in dry & light oil situations.

HexArmor® 9000 Series™ 9015 Latex Palm Coated Cut- & Puncture-Resistant Gloves

SuperFabric® level A7 cut resistance. Black wrinkle rubber latex palm increases abrasion resistance and offers exceptional grip in wet and dry situations

HexArmor® SharpsMaster HV™ 7082 Cut- & Needlestick Puncture-Resistant Gloves

High level needlestick resistance level 4 and ANSI level 9 cut resistance with dexterity and comfort. Nitrile ¾ dip for oil resistant palm and fingers.

Impacto® Anti-Impact Glove with Wrist Support

Built-in elastic wrist support and grain leather palm with impact & vibration absorbing visco-elastic polymer padding - ideal for work with power tools

Ironclad® HW4 Heatworx® Reinforced, Heat and Cut Resistant Gloves

Combination of dexterity with heat, cut, oil and abrasion resistance. Protects up to 450̊ F of brief, intermittent dry heat and ANSI Cut Level A2.

Lift Safety Rigger Outdry Gloves

Patented OutDry® membrane layer is waterproof, oilproof, windproof, breathable & drilling fluid resistant. Dual layer back of hand impact protection.

Lift Safety SFV-19Y Fiberwire™ Cut Resistant Sleeves

Engineered to be low profile and form fitting. Comfortable seamless knit with adjustable biceps hook & loop closure. ANSI cut resistance level A5.

Knit Sleeve With Thumbhole, With DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber

Sleeves made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber are amazingly durable. Helps protect the wrist and forearm. The thumbhole and elasticized top keeps the sleeve in place.

Black Cut Resistant Sleeve With DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers

Black Sleeve with thumb slot, made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber, helps protect your forearm against cuts while the black color helps hide dirt and grime. Cut resistance level 3.

MCR 9350 Steelcore® II A8 Cut Resistant Gloves

ZetexPlus Heat Protection Gloves & Mitts

Special heat resistant fabric withstands brief, intermittent contacts with dry heat up to 2,000°F. Double stitched and reinforced premium wool liner.

Newtex® #2100006 Zetex® 100 High Heat Gloves, 14 Inches Long

Highly texturized fiberglass fabric that can withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 1000°F and peak temperatures up to 1300°F.

Radians AXIS™ RWG532 Touchscreen, Cut Resistant, Palm Coated Gloves

Keep your gloves on while using touch screen devices. All fingers are touch sensitive. PU coated palm and 13g cut resistant ANSI Cut Level A2 shell.

Radians Radwear™ RWG800 Silver Series™ Hi-Visibility Insulated Gloves

Keeps your hands warm, dry and visible! Incredibly comfortable, insulated reflective gloves with exceptionally grippy palm. Knit wrist keeps out cold.

Heavyweight High Heat Resistant Mitten

Withstands brief, intermittent contacts with dry heat up to 2,000 °F. Constructed with Heavyweight 45 oz. PBI/DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber. Reversible and double wool lined. Abrasion Resistance Level 3.

Aluminized Back, Wool Lined Welding Gloves

Aluminized back to reflect heat and splatter. Top-grade split leather, wool lining. Optional, aluminized snap-on pad for additional heat protection.

Neoprene Cold Water Gloves

These wrist-length, 2mm thick neoprene gloves are designed to stay flexible amd warm in the cold. Like a skin divers wetsuit for your hands. The gloves are formed to your hands' natural curved shape to cut down on fatigue. Rugged "sharkskin" palms give you a sure grip. Adjustable wrist strap.

Steiner Mega MIG™ Welding Gloves

Premium heavyweight goatskin palm and split cowhide back. Palm reinforcements for added protection. Soft cotton fleece lining. Seamless index finger.

Steiner MEGA-TIG™ Welding Gloves

Premium kidskin with split leather cuff. Foam insulated back, unlined palm. Sensi-TIG™ seamless index finger & leather rest patch at pinky side of hand.

Steiner Y-Series Cowhide Welding Gloves

Select shoulder split cowhide with foam insulated back for heat protection and comfortable full cotton lining. Reinforced thumb strap and fully welted.

Steiner 2209 Economy Welding Gloves

Shoulder split cow hide with full soft cotton lining and fully welted. A nice welding glove at an even nicer price. Ideal for outfitting your crew.

Steiner 07114 Z-Flex Plus™ High Heat Gloves

Withstands brief, intermittent contacts with dry heat up to 2,000 °F. 35 oz. Thick 11 oz. wool insulated lining.

Dexterity® Foam Nitrile Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves

Great gloves for sharp, oily parts. Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber/silica-infused fiber blend gives level 4 cut protection. Foam nitrile coated palms for grip in oil.

Emerald CX® Cut Level 5 Gloves

ANSI Cut Resistance Level 5 with incredible dexterity! Oil resistant, double dipped nitrile palm and stainless steel/composite filament knit shell.

Dexterity® Impact- and Cut-Resistant Knit Gloves made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers

TPR backing helps reduce back of hand injuries. Cut resistant knit shell made from DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers is rated ANSI level A4. Nitrile coated palm.

Rhovyl® FR Gloves

Flame Resistant Rhovyl® Anti-static String-knit Gloves will not drip, melt or adhere to the skin if exposed to heat or direct flame.

Superior TK835LG2 Dragon™ Terry Knit Para-aramid® High Heat and Cut Resistant Gloves

Protection for dry heat up to 608 degrees F and ANSI Level A5 cut protection. Great for high heat applications, hot glass, forging, and casting.

Dragon Extreme Heat Protection

The Dragon series has an outer shell made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers for extreme heat protection. #11663 withstands brief, intermittent contacts with dry heat up to 500 °F and #11664 withstands brief, intermittent contacts with dry heat up to 500 °F.

Heat-Resistant Gloves with SilaChlor™ and Temperbloc, Sewn with Cut Resistant Thread

Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber, Silachlor® and Temperbloc®, this durable glove withstands brief, intermittent contacts with dry heat up to 600 °F. Gloves provide better dexterity and grip than mitts.

Extreme Dragon™ High-Heat Gloves Sewn with PBI and Cut Resistant Thread

Glove made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber/PBI shell for level 5 heat resistance withstands brief, intermittent contacts with dry heat up to 600 °F. Wool middle layer, nylon inner-lining glove gives better dexterity than mitts. 14 in. long.

Superior Glove N230FLK North Sea™ 11" Winter Nitrile Coated Gloves

Resists chemicals and oils plus stays flexible in cold conditions. Winter-fleece lining cushions hands while keeping them warm and dry. Sandy finish.

THERMAFUR™ Heating Sport Gloves, Gauntlet Cuff

These Heated Gloves are ideal for outdoor work and recreation in cold weather. Hand Warmer fits in each of the gloves dual pockets. One pair of HeatPax included. Waterproof nylon shell and breathable liner have palm and thumb grips for traction.

TurtleSkin® CP Neon Insider CPB-330 Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

Flexible, lightweight knit gloves slide into other gloves for cut & puncture protection. ANSI A5 cut resist. Needlestick resistance ratings on web page.

TurtleSkin® CP Neon Wrap CPR-430 Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

Helps reduce risk of exposure to discarded, contaminated needles. Tough nitrile barrier to liquid on palm. ANSI Cut A7, Large Nail Puncture Level > 20 lbf.

TurtleSkin® CP Neon Insider CPB-530 Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

Flexible and lightweight knit gloves easily slide into other gloves for cut & puncture protection. ANSI Cut A8 and Large Nail Puncture Level > 40lbf.

TurtleSkin® Cut & Puncture Resistant Arm Sleeve

2 layers of forearm cut and puncture protection. EN Resistance Levels: Cut 5 and Puncture 4, ANSI abrasion resistance level 6.

ATA® 505 Cut Resistant Gloves with Foam Nitrile Palm Coating, ANSI A4 Cut Level

Great fit, flexibility, dexterity and ANSI A4 cut resistance. Lightweight, 13 gauge ATA® fiber technology shell with nitrile palm coating. Excellent grip.

ATA® MS1ATA2X2.18T Super Stretch ANSI A4 Cut Resistant Sleeve with Thumbhole, 18"

A4 cut protection with added benefit of extreme fabric stretch & memory. Conforms to most arm sizes and can be worn over clothing if needed. Made in USA.

US Mesh 5 Finger Metal Mesh Glove

The premier choice for food processing, restaurant and food service applications. Surgical grade 316L stainless steel. 21 CFR compliant.

US Mesh 5 Finger Metal Mesh Glove, Extended Cuff

The premier choice for food processing applications. Extended cuff for better coverage. Surgical grade 316L stainless steel. 21 CFR compliant.

US Mesh USM-310 Metal Mesh Single Sleeve, Each

The premier stainless steel sleeve for food processing applications. Surgical grade 316L stainless steel. 21 CFR compliant. Polypropylene Cuff.

ATA® MSATA2000BL-18T ANSI A6 Cut Resistant Sleeve with Thumbhole, 18"

ANSI Cut resistance level A6 sleeve at a very nice price! 18” Sleeve with thumb hole, made with cut resistant ATA® technology with stainless steel fiber.

ATA® MSATAC-14T Fiber 14" Cut Resistant Sleeve, ANSI A4

Constructed using ATA® fiber technology, this 1-ply design is 2X stronger than comparable 2-ply sleeves made from traditional para-aramids. Made in USA.

ATA® MATA30PL-PD2 Gloves with PVC Dots on 2 Sides

ANSI level A4 cut protection from ATA® fiber technology with cotton plating on inside for a great feel and PVC dots on palm side for grip. Made in USA.

ATA® MATA30-BH Gloves with Split Leather Palm & Fingers

The original Boar Hog™ glove! Heavy duty ATA® fiber technology ANSI A5 cut knit shell with durable split leather palm. ANSI A6 cut protection over palm.

ATA® MSATAHA-18T Hide-Away™ 18" Cut Resistant Sleeve with Thumbhole

High level protection at a low cost. Lightweight 1-ply sleeves are cooler, more comfortable than conventional 2-ply sleeves. Cut Level A4. Made in USA.

Youngstown Waterproof Winter XT Gloves

Heavy duty 200grams of thermal insulation for incredible warmth! Waterproof, windproof, breathable liner keep hands dry. Extended gauntlet cuff

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