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GLOVES > Gloves in 1 and 3 pair packs > Palm Coated 1 & 3 Pair Packs

Palm Coated 1 & 3 Pair Packs
Palm Coated 1 & 3 Pair Packs

Palm Coated 1 & 3 Pair Packs

Palm Coated gloves are a great option when you want to keep your hands cool but still need the added protection on your palms. We offer a large selection of palm coated gloves including latex coated and nitrile coated. Many of our styles also have additional features such as insulated, cut resistant, and anti-vibration. Now in 1 and 3 Pair Packs!

Otterback® Nitrile Coated Knit Gloves

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber that holds up best to oil. We use it to coat the fingers and palms of these finely knit gloves. The result is a super-flexible glove that lets you handle small, slippery parts with ease. Protects hands from rough surfaces and sharp edges. Backs are breathable to help hands stay cool.

Polar Grip Insulated Rubber Palm Coated

Insulated rubber coated gloves protect you from nicks and scrapes and stays flexible when temperatures drop. Knit without seams for extra comfort.

Hercules Latex Palm Coated String Knit, 3/4 Back

An extra coating of flexible rubber is added to the back of the fingers and hands of our palm-coated Hercules gloves. This protects knuckles and keeps hands drier.

Hercules Latex Palm Coated String Knit

Softer and more pliable than other palm-coated gloves, Hercules will become your favorite! Try them on--they're easier to wear. Your hands can handle tasks more easily, and won't tire as fast.

Samson Rubber Palm Coated String Knit

These comfortable poly/cotton knit gloves with natural latex palms and fingers give you exceptional gripping ability. Take advantage of Galeton"s low prices on these great quality gloves.

Galeton Samson Fleece™ Dual Layer Insulated Rubber Palm Coated

Soft acrylic, terry fleece lining for unmatched comfort and warmth. Fine knit 15 gauge polyester shell. Velvet-like, latex palm coated for superb grip.

Knit Gloves with Latex Coated Palm, Men's

Economical Super Gloves are lightweight and versatile. They are named for their super stong grip.

Hi-Viz Rubber Palm Coated

When the weather turns cool and wet, this glove is an economical alternative to an insulated and waterproof glove. It's a heavyweight knit with a latex palm and fingers to repel moisture. Hi-viz color makes workers aware of hands helping to avoid injuries.

Terry Lined Latex Palm

When the weather is cooler this terry lined glove will keeps your hands warm. In addition it's made from a hi-viz knit shell with a squiggly latex palm coating for better grip. The knit wrist of this great gripping glove stretches well over your wrist to keep the cold from going up your sleeve.

Orange Polyester String Knit, Criss-Cross Coating

Reduce slips and injuries with these tacky-grip gloves!

Knit from heavy polyester yarn to extend wear. Seamless design ensures and comfort. Sure to fit! Choose from Sizes S - XL.

Nitrile Palm Coated String Knit

We took our Super glove and changed the palm coating to nitrile for better grip and resistance to oily surfaces. The cotton/poly shell stretches easily allowing the glove to conform to your for better fit.

P-Flex Foamed Nitrile Coated Palm Gloves

Features flexible foamed nitrile palm coating that provides grip for both dry and oily surfaces. Lightweight nylon shell is breathable and comfortable

Feather Flex®

For fine assembly work or handling delicate items, choose these gloves with excellent dexterity and sensitivity. Finely knit, 15 gauge cotton/polyester glove is lightly coated on palm and fingers with polyurethane. Extremely comfortable! Feather Flex® gloves are so light, you won't think you're wearing gloves

Galeton FreeFlex

These gloves are a 15 gauge seamless nylon shell with latex coated palm and fingers. The etched latex palm pattern makes for an excellent grip. Dirt and grime won't show easily on the black nylon shell. Stretches for comfortable fit.

Galeton FreeFlex Air Gloves, Foam Latex Coated Seamless Knit

Lightweight, so flexible and comfortable to wear! Exceptional grip and dexterity for a wide variety of applications. Foamed latex palm coating.

Armor Rubber Coated String Knit

Rubber coated Armor gloves are engineered to fit the curve of your fingers and hand. They are tops in comfort, fit and protection.


ANSI cut resist level A5, abrasion resist 3 in an ergonomic design. Nitrile foam coating for excellent dry grip in light oil or dry environments.

Ansell HyFlex 11-624 Nitrile Coated HPPE Gloves

These incredibly lightweight and flexible gloves provide a winning combination of comfort, coolness & ANSI resistance levels A2 cut and level 5 abrasion.

Ansell HyFlex 11-510 Nitrile Coated Gloves With DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers.

Helps protect against abrasion and gives ANSI Level 2 cut protection. Black foam nitrile coating gives a sure grip in light oil and dry applications.

Ansell® ActivArmr® 97-002 HVAC Glove

Advanced dexterity for sharp work! ANSI resistance levels: Cut 3, abrasion 3, puncture 2. Made with Stainless steel/DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers with foam nitrile coated palm.

Ansell ActivArmr® 97-003 Heavy Laborer Gloves

ANSI A4 cut resistance and level 4 abrasion resistance. Foam nitrile palm with reinforced gel pads reduces vibrations, impacts and provides super grip.

Honeycomb Patterned PVC Coated, Heavy-Weight Brushed Acrylic/Terry Gloves

Honeycomb patterned PVC coating for exceptional grip. These heavy-weight brushed acrylic/terrycloth gloves are coated on both sides for longer wear.

MAPA Temp-Dex 710 Gloves

This dexterous glove provides dry heat protection for short duration up to 250 degrees F, excellent abrasion resistance and grip in moderate oily environments.

Showa 4550 Zorb-IT® Gloves

The Showa 4550 Zorb-IT® is a dipped sponge nitrile glove that is engineered to deliver a sure grip. The stretchable, seamless nylon shell breathes making it more comfortable in warm/hot conditions. The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and provides a better fit.

Atlas Re-Grip Rubber Coated

Atlas® Re-Grip has an extra layer of natural rubber in the thumb crotch area improving grip and increasing abrasion resistance by 400%. It has a seamless cotton/polyester knit construction eliminating seams that can rub or chafe. The gray, uncoated back provides for better ventilation and won't show dirt easily. The rubber coated palm provides excellent wet grip and rubber helps inhibit liquid penetration.

Dexterity® Impact-Resistant Foam Nitrile-Dipped Work Gloves

Molded TPR for back of the hand protection. Foamed nitrile coating for an excellent grip. Ideal for construction, material handling, and assembly.

Superior Glove S10VIB Vibrastop Anti-Vibration Gloves, Black/Gray

Padded with a layer of vibration dampening polymer, these gloves are good for protection from repetitive impact & work with pneumatic vibrating tools.

ATA® MATA10-BDB Cut Resistant Gloves with Crinkle Latex Palm Coating

Get ANSI Level A4 cut protection with these light weight, latex palm coated gloves, made with ATA® (Advanced Technology Armor) fiber technology.

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