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PVC Coated Gloves
PVC Coated Gloves

PVC Coated Gloves

PVC Fully Coated gloves are designed to keep hands protected from oil and other slippery substances while allowing you to maintain a superior grip in those types of working conditions. Galeton offers an extensive selection of PVC fully coated gloves. Choose from many additional options such as oil resistant, textured finish, shoulder length, and insulated styles!

Single Dipped PVC Gloves, Rough Finish

We've added a rough, knobby finish to our smooth finish PVC glove for improved grip. Chose from knit wrist or 12 inch open cuff styles.

Single Dipped PVC Gloves, Smooth Finish

Polar Flex Insulated PVC Coated

Trust us, these gloves will make your hands happy! Our Polar-Flex gloves are constructed from 3 layers to deliver toasty comfort in cold, wet conditions. Inside, the soft acrylic lining traps air to cushion and warm your hands. A seamless knit inner shell and the triple-dipped PVC coating with a fine grain finish, remain flexible in temperatures as low as 4° F so your hands won't get tired like they can when wearing other stiff, bulky styles. Gloves are 12" long for full wrist coverage.

Power Shield Triple Coated PVC Gloves

Super flexible PVC coating keeps liquids and chemicals out, plus they've got an incredibly durable seamless cotton liner that's treated to resist bacteria and fungi. Washable. 12" triple dipped.

Shoulder Length PVC Coated

These 27 inch long PVC gloves will keep you dry and clean in the messiest situations. Perfect for protection against dirty water and many chemicals, these gloves have a 22.5 inch long PVC body topped with a 4.5 inch vinyl cuff sealed to the glove.

Viper® Double Dipped PVC

Dark Green Viper® Double Dipped PVC

Viper® gloves are coated with a premium solution of PVC that remains pliable. These gloves are fully lined with soft cotton jersey and treated with Actifresh to reduce odors from perspiration. Several style cuffs are available.

Comet® Insulated Double Dipped PVC

These popular winter gloves protect hands in three ways: from cold, cuts and moisture. Foam insulation with a cotton jersey lining add warmth and comfort. We have added a rough finish to make your grip more secure. Choose knit wrist, safety cuff or 12 inch length.

Roto® Gloves

We designed these jersey-lined, liquid-proof PVC gloves for workers cleaning drains and sewers. PVC chips on the fingers and palms let you hold spinning cables with less abrasion.

Memphis Red Coat 12 Inch PVC Gloves With DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers

Liner made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber giving it ANSI level A2 cut resistance. Double dipped PVC coating for chemical protection. Stays flexible when cold.

Ansell® Winter Monkey Grip® Gloves

Stay warm and dry! Tough PVC coated gloves with foam insulation protects hands from abrasions and stays soft when cold. ANSI cut level 2.

Atlas® KV660 PVC Coated Glove with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers

Heavy-duty PVC coating over seamless knit shell for comfortable high level protection. ANSI Resistance Levels: Cut A2, Puncture 2 and Abrasion EN 4.

Ninja® Coral, Insulated PVC Coated Gloves

15 gauge Hi-Viz Orange nylon shell, 7 gauge acrylic Terry interior, black coral ¾ coating over oil resistant, premium clear PVC full dip.

Wells Lamont Jomac® PERM-RUFF PVC Gloves

Full PVC coating protects from a wide range of hazardous chemicals while PVC chips on surface provide superior wet/oily grip. Soft interlock liner.

HexArmor® 7200 Liquid-, Chemical-, Cut- & Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Multiple Resistance Glove – chemical, liquids, abrasion, puncture and 360° cut resistance level ANSI A6. Textured PVC fully coated for enhanced grip.

Chemstop™ Extreme Comfort PVC Gloves with Cut Resistant Liner and Full Nitrile Coating

Dual coatings of nitrile and PVC for resistance to chemicals, oils, grease, caustics and solvents. ANSI A5 cut resistance, ANSI 2 puncture resistance.

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