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Neoprene Coated Gloves
Neoprene Coated Gloves

Neoprene Coated Gloves

Galeton's selection of Neoprene Fully Coated gloves are designed to fit hands snuggly and comfortably while keeping hands protected. Neoprene gloves resist harsh chemicals and oil and hold up well against rough and jagged surfaces. Neoprene gloves are available with additional features such as double layered and various lengths.

Flock Lined Neoprene over Latex Gloves

These 12-inch, 28 mil thickness, flock lined latex gloves are coated with an extra layer of Neoprene to increase protection from oil, solvents, chemicals and caustic liquids!

Chemstop™ Heavy Duty Neoprene 18 Inch Fryer's Gloves

Heavy Duty Neoprene 18 inch Fryer's Gloves withstands intermittent heat up to 550 degrees F. Cotton lining, rough finish. Resists broad range of chemicals

Ansell® Thermaprene Chemical & Heat Resistant Neoprene Gloves, 26 Inch

Long glove with chemical resistance and thermal liner for protection up to 400ºF. Meets FDA food handling requirements. ANSI cut resistance level 2.

Superior Glove NE3030 Chemstop™ Flock Lined Chemical Resistant Neoprene Gloves

100% waterproof and resists a wide range of chemicals. ANSI Puncture Level 2 and withstands temperatures up to 200 degrees F.

AlphaTec® Neoprene Gloves

In environments where mechanical risks are combined with chemical exposure, these robust gloves provide optimal defense against oils, acids and more.

Ansell AlphaTec® 08-35 Neoprene Coated Gloves

Rough finish for excellent wet and dry grip. Wide range of chemical resistance. 100% liquid proof. Soft stretchy knit liner. Very flexible and comfortable.

MAPA® Temp-Tec 332 Neoprene Gloves

Multi-purpose chemical resistance and excellent thermal insulation. Pebble finish for great wet grip. Comfortable knit cotton interior. 14 inches long.

MAPA® StanZoil NK-22 Neoprene Gloves

Extremely supple gloves ideal for working with chemicals. Textured for better grip on wet objects and comfortable cotton-knit lining. 14 inches long.

MAPA® StanZoil NL-34 Neoprene Gloves

Great gloves for petroleum industry, working with water, oil, and greases. Soft knit cotton liner. High and low temperature protection. 12 inches long.

Chemstop™ Heavy Duty Neoprene 16 Inch Gauntlet Gloves

Resists a wide range of chemicals. Good for hot water contact up to 212°F for 17 seconds and dry heat contact up to 392° F. ANSI Level 3 Puncture resistance.

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