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Nitrile disposable gloves hold up well against cuts and abrasions and contain no organic proteins that can cause allergic reactions. Galeton's selection of nitrile gloves offer some additional options including both powdered and powder free styles oil resistant and Hi Viz!

PosiShield™ 2910 4 Mil Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Powder-Free, Blue

Powder free industrial grade disposable nitrile gloves are perfect for individuals with latex allergies.

ntXtreme Extra Thick Disposable Nitrile

Protect hands from abrasion, grease and chemical splashes with 8 mil thick nitrile gloves. Twice as thick as regular nitrile disposable, ntXtreme are built to withstand tougher jobs, without sacrificing dexterity.

Galeton 8 Mil Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free

Thicker than other brands, they’re built for the tougher jobs. Exceptional dexterity. Protects from oils and grease, 11.75” length for more coverage.

ntX Disposable Nitrile

These 4 mil thick synthetic rubber gloves are made to the same specifications as N-Dex gloves. Sold directly without a distributor's mark-up, you can buy them at wholesale prices! ntX are soft and pliable--the most comfortable nitrile glove. Protection from grease, dirt and light chemical splashes.

GALETON 2 mil Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free

Keep your hands clean and protected with these thin, yet strong nitrile gloves. Nitrile is an excellent choice for people with latex sensitivities as well as those working with grease and oils.

Galeton 2 Mil Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free, 300/Box

Thin, yet strong nitrile gloves with textured fingers for added grip and stretch material for excellent fit. Economical 300 gloves per box.

Galeton 4 Mil Powder Free Black Nitrile Gloves

These cool looking black disposable gloves stay clean looking while protecting you from grease and grime. They're 4 mil thick and thin enough for dexterity with textured fingertips for grip. The latex-free Nitrile is an ideal latex alternative.

Heavy Duty Disposable Nitrile

These 5.5 mil. Nitrile gloves will hold up better against abrasions and cuts than standard 4 mil gloves. They provide more protection without giving up dexterity and comfort. The fingertips are lightly textured for better gripping. Because they're made from synthetic rubber, they have no organic proteins that can cause allergic reactions.

Showa Best GreeN-DEX™ Disposable Nitrile Gloves

100% biodegradable 4 mil nitrile glove with ZERO natural rubber latex proteins. Comfort, dexterity and performance across a range of applications.

Tear-Resistant Disposable Nitrile

Tough nitrile gloves are formulated to hold up against abrasions, tear and cuts.

Nighthawk Disposable Nitrile

Use NightHawk® disposables when you need uncompromising feel and touch — the sleek style is a bonus. NightHawk® disposables are accelerator-free, textured fingertip nitrile gloves that just happen to look extremely cool. They also boast impressive ESD and static-dissipative properties. Preferred for automotive, electronic assembly, laboratory, law-enforcement and security environments.

6 Mil Black Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves

A thicker black nitrile disposable glove that is fully textured for grip. Powder free and features superb tensile strength. A great industrial glove.

Ansell TouchNTuff® 93-250 Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves

Enhanced, textured grip and are the only disposable gloves that can handle oily objects. The stretchiest most comfortable nitrile gloves you'll find!

Kimberly-Clark™ Kimtech™ Purple Nitrile™ Gloves

A tough 6 mil thick glove with textured fingertips for excellent dexterity and comfortable fit. Protects against grease, food and in medical settings.

Kleenguard G10 Blue Nitrile

KLEENGUARD® G10 Blue Nitrile Gloves are designed for tasks requiring maximum dexterity while giving 6 mil thickness protection. These powder-free gloves with textured fingertips are approved for food handling and are also great for general use. Nitrile is more durable than latex and eliminates the risk of allergic reactions associated with latex.

Kleenguard G10 Artic Blue Nitrile

KLEENGUARD™ G10 Arctic Blue Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves are more comfortable and economical than standard nitrile gloves, yet retain the protective properties required for excellent performance across a wide range of industrial applications such as car repair, plumbing, painting. Food handling certified in North America and Europe.

High Five Coblalt Blue Nitrile

Soft and stretchy High Five® Cobalt Blue Nitrile Gloves provide a superior fit and feel as well as exceptional durability. These powder-free disposable gloves are ideal for jobs requiring fine tactile sensitivity and for use in food handling, chemical protection, housekeeping, product inspections and hospitals.

Showa® 8005PF Blue Powder Free 8 Mil Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Made in USA

Made in the USA! These are the choice of EMT, industrial and meat processing professionals alike — anyone who needs the best in barrier protection.

High Five® LONG CUFF Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves, 6 Mil

Longer cuff and increased thickness provide additional hand protection. Textured finish gives you superior grip. 510K approved for medical use.

High Five® Blaze™ High-Visibility Powder Free Nitrile Exam Glove, 5 Mil

High visibility orange glove helps you be seen while protecting your hands. Textured fingertips for grip. 10.5 inch length for more wrist coverage.

Microflex® Supreno® SE Nitrile Exam Gloves

Great in automotive work, these gloves provide durability needed for high-risk applications. Textured fingertips. Mil thickness: 4.7 palm, 7.1 Finger

Microflex UltraSense EC Medical Grade Nitrile Exam Glove

Longer cuff, yet thin for sensitivity and with textured fingertips for better grip. Meet NFPA 1999. Mil thickness: 3.1 palm, 4.3 fingers.

Microflex DuraFlock Flock-Lined Industrial-Grade Nitrile Gloves

Flock-lining keeps hands drier and more comfortable! Thicker 8 mil design for increased protection for demanding jobs like working with cars and oils.

Microflex MidKnight Medical Grade Nitrile Exam Gloves

Fully textured for gripability and great for day-to-day hazards that require the ideal combo of durability and consistency. Mil: 4.7 palm, 5.5 fingers

MCR NitriShield™ Color Fusion 4 Mil Nitrile Gloves

Your Color, Your Choice! Powder-free, textured grip disposable gloves in wide range of colors: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange or Grey. 100 gloves/box.

MCR 6012 NitriShield Stealth™ 6 mil Blue Nitrile 12” Powder Free Medical Grade Disposable Gloves

Long cuff, textured grip blue 6 mil nitrile gloves. Medical grade, class 1 medical device and complies with all federal regulations for food contact. Durable protection with excellent grip.

MCR 6062 NitriShield Stealth™ 6 mil Black Nitrile 12” Powder Food Contact Grade Disposable Gloves

Long cuff, textured grip black 6 mil nitrile gloves comply with all federal regulations for food contact. Durable protection with excellent grip. Black color hides soiling.

Disposable Glove Box Holder, Includes Wall Mount Screws

Conserve counter space with this convenient disposable glove box holder. Holder easily installs in just minutes with the included mounting hardware.

Global Glove 725PF 2.5 Mil Dark Violet Disposable Nitrile Gloves, High Quantity Box

Thin yet strong disposable gloves with extreme dexterity. High volume box has 3 times the usual quantity. Very convenient for high usage environments.

Black Mamba BTG Black Torque Grip 7 Mil Disposable Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Raised torque grip pattern finish for super grip. Durable 7 mil thick for tougher jobs. Powder & latex free. 9.5” length. 100 gloves per box.

Orange Torque Grip 8 Mil Disposable Powder Free Nitrile Gloves, Black Mamba Brand

Raised torque grip pattern finish for super grip. Strong 8 mil thick for tough jobs. High visibility orange. Resistant to oils and grease. 100 gloves/box.

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