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Being comfortable while you work increases your efficiency on the job. This is why we carry a selection of ergonomics products designed to keep you comfortable while you work such as knee pads, back belts, and back protectors for heavy lifting.

High Viz Seatbelt Covers

Hi-Viz Seat Belt Cover with reflective tape offers added visibility and easy compliance checks while operating equipment or driving vehicles.

Foam Padded Knee Pads

Long-lasting and durable! These flexible rubber knee pads withstand abrasion from concrete and other rough surfaces. Padded with soft foam to stay comfortable while kneeling to work. Adjustable straps ensure fit.

OccuNomix Premium Flat Cap Gel Knee Pads

Heavy duty gel knee pads offer superior comfort along with flat pads for kneeling stability. Soft or Hard Cap for various work surfaces.

OccuNomix 125 Value Contoured Hard Cap Knee Pads

Contoured hard cap knee pads were made for easy pivoting and kneeling. Foam padding, abrasion resistant.

Impacto® Knee/Shin Protection Knee Pad

Maximum knee/shin comfort and protection for all-day kneeling with these gel/foam cushioned pads. Patented rubber coating for delicate work surfaces.

Soft Knees Disposable Knee Pads

Protect workers' knees with Soft Knees® Disposable Knee Pads! These easy-to-apply knee cushions are designed for use with disposable coveralls, such as Safe N' Clean™ (see item #9907) and Tyvek (see item # 9900). Simply peel the backing off and stick on. The cost-effective advantages of protecting workers' knees in rough working conditions leads to less absenteeism, less soft tissue injuries, and can reduce "down" time on the job.

Soft Knees No Strap Knee Pads

Do you do a lot of kneeling, but hate having knee pads cut into the back of your knees? Soft Knees® No-Strap Knee Pads solves your problem by giving your knees cushioning when you want it without any uncomfortable straps. Simply roll up and insert Soft Knees into the opening in the bottom of your double knee work pants, jeans or overalls like Carhartt, Dickies and some other double knee brands. They're lightweight and barely noticeable as you stand and walk around. You can even leave them in your pants during laundering!

Ergokneel Handy Mat

Ergokneel® Handy Mat helps take the pain out of kneeling work. This durable, closed-cell rubber foam kneeling pad helps reduce trauma from kneeling on hard surfaces. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry and hang up for secure storage. The 8" x 16" x 1" dimensions make it conveniently tool bucket sized.

Impacto® The Original Knee Pad

Molded kneecap over heavy duty foam with Breathable Coolmax® inner lining is ideal for wet, industrial and construction environments.

OK-1000S Back Support Belt

Get powerful support and ergonomic comfort. Strong double closure system, ventilated lumbar pad and two-way stretch suspenders with breakaway clips.

OK-Univ-Black Back Support Belt

Mesh stays cooler and the double closure system provides extra support in this black belt. Adjustable universal size. Rubber grip suspenders.

OccuNomix Premium X-tend Back Brace

Brace your back with breathable comfort. Mesh lumbar panels stay cool and carbon stays with silicone Grip Strips prevent riding up.

Economy Back Belt

Reduce back strains! Stay productive and avoid claims for workers compensation. This value-priced back belt provides continous support to the lower back, maintaining muscle warmth and flexibility. Fully adjustable suspenders and 8 inch belt. Choose from Sizes L - XXL.

Body Shop Back Protector

Six resilient plastic stays support the lower back and abdomen. Tri-laminated fabric optimizes natural heat reflection to enhance muscle flexibility. Fully adjustable elastic sidebands and suspenders.

OK-1 NCTS Neoprene Wrist Support w/Plastic Insert

Patented wrist protection designed for freedom of movement. Breathable neoprene has terry lined interior. Flexible plastic inserts add extra support.

Reacher/Grabber Tool

Do you need to pick up objects that are hard to reach or have a task that involves repetitive bending? This 32" long handle reacher/grabber tool is just the thing to make your work easier. The contoured handle and trigger make grabbing objects up to 4 pounds a cinch. Its lightweight aluminum shaft helps prevent you from fatiguing, and helps reduce your risk of back injury. The convenient magnetic tip gives you the ability to pick up small metal objects such as paper clips. So whether your job involves picking up litter from public places or reaching for that wrench you dropped under a car, this is the tool for you.

Winter-Tuff® Ice Traction Spikes

Helps you walk on ice or snow to reduce your risk of a slip and fall injury. 20 carbon steel studs dig into slippery surfaces to help keep you safe.

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