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Newtex® #2100006 Zetex® 100 High Heat Gloves, 14 Inches Long

Newtex® #2100006 Zetex® 100 High Heat Gloves, 14 Inches Long #12967

These Zetex® 100 Series gloves are constructed from Zetex® highly texturized fiberglass fabric. Zetex® can withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 1000°F and peak temperatures up to 1300°F, meaning that extended direct contact with temperatures around 1300°F may damage the gloves, but at temperatures around 1000°F, the user will be protected for a longer duration. These ratings are guidelines and heavily dependent on the environment and application in which the gloves are being used.


  • Double stitched and reinforced
  • Premium wool liner
  • Made from inorganic fibers; Will not produce hazardous outgassing
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA


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